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The Blindspot Variations (2013-present)

What is a blindspot? And what might it teach us about how we look, how we think, how we desire, and how change occurs in the world? To get at these questions, I have built a film rig that, instead of exposing blindspots (the violent desire of state surveillance), produces them. This “blindspot machine”—together with the real time narrations that accompany the films that the machine generates—is a direct intervention into the dominant ideologies of both aesthetic and political representation. “To produce the blindspot” is a unifying principle of radical art, politics, and intellectual work today.


This work is an ongoing exploration of the blindspot. The blindspot can be conceptualized in many ways (from the unrepresentable to the impossible), but is usually understood as something missing, as something to be exposed or concealed. I argue that this dominant ideology of the blindspot (from culture to politics, psychology to science)—is the deadliest weapon used by those in power today. To develop this critique, I have built a "Blindspot Machine" that, instead of exposing blindspots...produces a new theory of the blindspot itself.

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