Show Description

The Blindspot Variations: II (2015-2016)

I brought my “blindspot machine” to Japan and shot in seven different sites: 1) Tezuka Architect’s Fuji Kindergarten (Tokyo); 2) Ito Toyo’s Sendai Mediateque (Sendai); 3) Ishinomaki Hill (overview site of 2011 Tsunami disaster); 4) Ishinomaki Lowlands (ground-zero); 5) Tajiro-jima (cat island/terminal island); 6) Isozaki Arata’s Art Mito Tower; and 7) Kurokawa Kisho’s Nakagin Capsule Tower (inside).

This blindspot variation (with substantially different over-narrations) was screened six times. First, at an event for pallliative care doctors, nurses, and researchers (The Blindspot of Terminality); second, for an event called "Through Post Atomic Eyes" (The Blindspot of the Post-Atomic); third, a version called "The Blindspot of Hope"; fourth, "The Blindspot of the Aftermath", fifth, in coordination Gallery TPW event with Aleesa Cohene, Angela Schubot, and Jared Gradinger, "The Blindspot of the Moving Body"; and sixth for the Oslo Academy of Art and Design, "The Blindspot of Political Art".